Apr 26, 2005

Is your town down?

Interesting list of top 20 happiest and unhappiest cities in the nation. Is your city listed? See the entire article here. No offense, but Buffalo and Fresno as one of the top 20 happiest? Gimme a break.

The 20 Happiest Cities

1. Laredo, TX: A+

2. El Paso, TX: A+

3. Jersey City, NJ: A+

4. Corpus Christi, TX: A+

5. Baton Rouge, LA: A

6. Honolulu, HI: A-

7. Fresno, CA: A-

8. San Jose, CA: A-

9. Lincoln, NE: B+

10. Bakersfield, CA: B+

11. Buffalo, NY: B+

12. Anchorage, AK: B+

13. Stockton, CA: B+

14. Shreveport, LA: B+

15. (3-way tie) Madison, WI: B, Montgomery, AL: B, and Des Moines, IA: B

18. Wichita, KS: B

19. (tie) Sacramento, CA: B and Omaha, NE: B

The 20 Most Depressed Cities

1. Philadelphia, PA: F

2. Detroit, MI: F

3. St. Petersburg, FL: F

4. St. Louis, MO: F

5. Tampa, FL: F

6. Indianapolis, IN: F

7. (3-way tie) Mesa, AZ: F, Phoenix, AZ: F, and Scottsdale, AZ: F

10. Cleveland, OH: F

11. New York, NY: D-

12. Salt Lake City, UT: D-

13. Atlanta, GA: D

14. (3-way tie) Yonkers, NY: D, Pittsburgh, PA: D, and Kansas City, MO: D

17. (3-way tie) Long Beach, CA: D, Los Angeles, CA: D, Nashville, TN" D

20. Portland, OR: D

Courtesy of my friend Erica, who lives in apparently the most depressing city in the nation.


Jet said...

Greetings from a city that neither sings nor sucks!

Funny thing about Portland, I had a friend who drove truck for several years, and she always said that Portland was a beautiful city.

Jet said...

Hey Mags! Thanks for linking to me. I will add you next update.

Can't forget Poland!

Garycheese said...

San Francisco should be top 20 just based on the dating scene alone.

Lily said...

Where is Poland on this list?

Captain Insano said...

I'm surprised Shitlanta isn't higher on the list.

mrgumby2u said...

Fresno, Bakersfield, Stockton, and three cities in Texas, eh? I don't know what the criteria are but apparently they have nothing to do with cultural development or civic beauty (I feel like flying my blue state colors proudly today).

P said...

Having lived in St. Louis and Scottsdale, I can personally vouch for how wretched and miserable life is in those cities.

I'm astonished, though, that Seattle did make the "happy" cut. Place fuckin' rules.

P said...

Er, did NOT make the "happy" cut.

Virge said...

Sacramento a tie for 19th?? Awe---I thought fer sher that exotic and pungent aroma of horse manure and rotting tomatoes would have at LEAST pushed us up to the top ten. Something is not right here...

Mikeajo said...

God, where's the love for Pennsylvania? We're home to Sharon Stone! And Yuengling...