Apr 12, 2005

Buddy Jesus

Apparently there is some niche to be filled by this talking Jesus action figure. They're going on sale in May - along with the Virgin Mary, Moses, and David versions - and are expected to be priced at about $25 a pop. I'm expecting this to be on every Neocon kid's Christmas list - whether they want the dolls or not.

I can't wait for the Noah action figure, complete with the ark and pairs of animals. That would be badass.

A shout goes out to my friend Paco for the link.


jurassicpork said...

Then George Bush's action figure in the flight suit can go out and kill little brown action figures in His name.

I'm not kidding about the George Bush action figure, btw.

Tom Harper said...

How about action figures for Job and Judas? Will they be out soon?

Mags said...

You know, the article doesn't mention that - the next one planned is a talking Esther doll (and no, not Madonna - the Kabbalah edition).

You know what would be cool is the talking Biblical Leper: "Oy, these lesions! They hurt!"

james said...

holy crap---jesus is ripped!

Mags said...

I know, he's a total meathead - I heard he works out at Gold's Gym.