Apr 25, 2005

Monday Audience Participation Blogging

I've been super busy this morning and haven't had a chance to even think about what to post today. And right now I'm busy scarfing down leftover pasta in order to bring my blood sugar back to a normal level before I dive back into work again.

So, as part of our lunchtime discussion (or whenever you actually end up reading this post), tell me what you did this weekend. I didn't do anything except hang out with friends on Saturday night and watch Food Network all day Sunday, which caused me to drop about $30 on ribs from the Rib Shack. (They had the Reno Rib Cook-Off show on yesterday. Need I say more?)

Anyway. Discuss. Let me live vicariously through you all.


ADAMANT said...

Friday night I had a chance encounter with an ex-colleague who I last saw in Denmark and lost touch with. Bumped into him visiting a friend here in town! Small world etc etc blah blah.

Saturday was my Daughter's school Fayre. Dunk the teacher, buy some crap, basically, give us even MORE of your money.

Saturday Night - the fifth of many leaving parties for our ever popular and rather indecisive neighbor.

Sunday - spontaneous Family football (Soccer) match in the park. Roughly 25 players at one point. I sunburned my head and twisted an ankle but still came out as top goal scorer on account of the fact most people were kids or American or both! Yay for my English upbringing - I can now look good at *soccer*.

Chad said...

I played 36 holes of golf, looked at a house I'm going to make an offer on, and hung with my gal.

Virge said...

Hmmm...Friday night I experienced strange phenomenon while working the graveyard shift at work (I think it's our former manager---may she rest in peace). Saturday I vegged out on the couch and slept. Sunday was Anna's 8th birthday party, so I had to play Suzie Homemaker and be the gracious host---my cheeks still hurt from smiling.

Mags said...

Thanks for inviting me to the party. Sucka.

Virge said...

Dude--->I< didn't even invite anybody. Long story short: I worked another graveyard the night before, I was NOT even thinking of party. Then my beloved tells me the day of: "Oh, my dad just called. They're coming by for Anna's birthday." Whatever.