Aug 6, 2006

Why does FOX hate the children?

Get ready, y'all. Set your DVRs on "record" for Aug. 20, because the other Man We Love to Hate On, K-Fed, will be shaking his popozao at the Teen Choice awards.
Kevin Federline says viewers will be "shocked" and naysayers "surprised" at his first live performance in front of a national audience.

Fox announced Wednesday that Federline will close the Teen Choice 2006 awards show Aug. 20 by performing his hip-hop/rock single, Lose Control.

The plan is for wife Spears, who is expecting their second child in September, to be his date to the show. "This is my first big event, and I need her support and I want her support. If she's feeling under the weather because of the baby, obviously she won't be able to be there. But she'll want to be there for me."

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I.M. Dedd said...

This is a watershed moment in our culture. Like an FDR radio address, or the Mercury astronauts taking flight. And don't forget it. :}