Aug 1, 2006

Playing the market, Project Runway style

Look. You already know I love this show. But this just adds another layer of fun to the whole thing:

The folks at Hollywood Stock Exchange have issued shares of "stock" for each of the contestants at $8.00/share. As they get dismissed, the designer's stock is cashed out. Liquidated. Auf'd, if you must.

My instinct tells me that as we find out more about the designers' personalities become and pick our favorites to win, this will be reflected in their stock price. (At least, among nerds like me who would actually track the fictional stock price of a person on a reality show, but I digress.)

But I wonder if the stock price will directly correlate to who wins the show? I mean, will we be able to predict who'll win based on stock price? It'll be interesting to watch this as the season progresses.

Here are my favorites, based on price per share (PPS). I'll leave it to you to calculate ROI and and EPS and all that junk:

Robert Best (PRRBE), $10.53

Alison Kelly (PRAKE), $9.56

Uli Herzner (PRUHE), $9.30

Michael Knight (PRMKN), $8.78

Vincent "I cashed out my 401k for this" Libretti's stock price edges out Angela "Um, it's Angela" Keslar's only by $0.13, which means Angela's stock price, as the lowest at $5.53, would signify to us that she's the next to get The Auf.

We'll see if my theory pans out tomorow ...


Jen said...

I expect that like the real stock market, the prices actually reflect the supply and demand of the users on the site. So instead of the prices reflect what's GOING to happen, they reflect what HAS happened.

...At least, that's my theory.

Mags said...

Point taken, but since this is a stock market based on people on a reality show, I'm taking a little creative license here - throwing out what I know about the stock market and trying to make it somewhat more interesting. For me, anyway.