Aug 24, 2006

How funny, I was just talking about her yesterday ...

Actress Kathy Najimy is boycotting Project Runway for comments made by Heidi Klum (the show's host) two episodes ago:
Kathy took particular issue with Gunn calling one of the runway models "zaftig" (pleasantly plump) and Heidi's comment that an outfit made a model look plus-size, which Najimy believes implied that plus-size was "the ultimate of horrors."

In the e-mail Najimy points out how these comments, along with societal pressure to be thin, are particularly harmful to the body images of young girls.

Najimy adds "And I especially hope that Heidi Klum's beautiful daughter never has to grow up in the self-hatred and self-mutilation that occurs when girls and women are suffocated by irresponsible, dangerous comments like the ones Heidi made..."
Could this be the first official Project Runway boycott? I'll admit, this season is pissing me off, but I'm like and addict, and Project Runway is my crack.

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tiff said...

I never know the right sensitivity for all this... and a good boycott is a good boycott... but I love me some PR and I'd rather sip Cristal and binge on Ben and Jerry's than give it up.

Is it completely impossible that it is beyond's Heidi's supermodel realm to understand that there are other people that are big when they are not pregnant? I'm not so sure.