Aug 21, 2006

But what can it do for blogs on the G-list?

I'm looking for a way to increase my humble blog's readership, so I decided to give the Washington Post's sponsored blogroll a try.
According to [the Post's head of interactive sales Jeff] Burkett’s blog, “The idea came to me while reading 'Blogs to Riches' in New York Magazine back in February of this year. The article discussed the fact that it is very hard for bloggers to get noticed. Basically, all of the B-list and C-list bloggers (who may well be very talented) link to the A-list blogs in hope of getting noticed. All this accomplishes is making the A-listers more powerful, while the B’s and C’s stay where they are. It is very hard to break through the clutter.”

The Blogroll process goes like this: A blogger signs their blog up as a candidate for the program. Once a blog has been accepted, a link to it is featured in the’s Sponsored Blogroll index, and a box featuring regularly updated Sponsored Blogroll links appears on the front page. Washington Post sales reps will also contact the blogger and try to connect them with the right advertisers. Both the blogger and the Post split any ad revenue.
They say that they're primarily interested in technology, business, automotive and travel blogs (yawn!), but here's hoping there's someone at the WP who is partial to the occasional political rant, celebrity fluff pieces, intermittent emotional vulnerabilities, and Project Runway recaps.



tiff said...

hmm, let me know how that goes!

Polt said...

Ooo, what a neat idea. And I only like 2 hours north of DC...hmmm...