Aug 19, 2006

Antics of a former child actor

Child actor Haley Joel Osment faces DUI charges after being caught driving under the influence, with a blood alcohol count of .16 (which is double the legal limit), and possession of marijuana.

He also broke his rib when he crashed his 1995 Saturn into mailbox.

"The Sixth Sense" grossed about $673 MILLION (thanks, Laurie) worldwide, and he's driving a Saturn?


MikeJ said...

As a Saturn owner, let me just say that I too was surprised that Haley Joel Osment was driving a Saturn.

And not just any Saturn...a 1995 Saturn. WTF?

Next I'll hear that Warren Buffet is driving a Kia!

Laurie said...

Hey, Mags, if Sixth Sense only grossed $673 worldwide, it's amazing Joel Osment is driving anything at all.

; )

*sigh* The inevitable future of child stars.

Mags said...

Jonesey: Your Saturn is the only one I like.

Laurie: Dammit, I hate typos. Thanks for the catch. I meant $673 MILLION. Ugh.

-kenneth- said...

An 11-year-old Saturn. Class. Maybe it's his driving-while-stoned car. Wouldn't want anything to happen to the nice car when you're blasted.