Mar 1, 2005

Wrote a song about it, like to hear it, here it go...

I've always wanted to be in a band. Maybe it's because I seek approval from throngs of adoring fans. Maybe I have this creative spirit inside me that is yearning to come out. Or maybe it's because if I were in a band, all these hot guy fans would throw their boxers/boxer briefs/tightey whiteys up at me on stage. I always pictured myself as either the lead singer, or the bass player, or the drummer. Chick drummers are badass.

Anyway, I'm not in a band. None of my friends are in bands. I never went to school with anyone who wanted to start one. All my friends were forced to take piano lessons, like I was. So growing up, the rebellious nature in us didn't force us to pick an instrument and get out all our frustrations through song. We, rebellious nerds that we were, played tennis.


In college, I started to compile a list of great names for bands - if I were to start one. Various computers and laptops later, that list is gone. And I can only remember two names from the list:
  • Cigarillo y Los Hag Nasties
  • Suburbia

This guy I dated had these two awesome ones that I will never forget:
  • Pap Smirnoff
  • Laughterbirth

Even if I'm not in a band, half of the fun is making up names for hypothetical bands.

Now for the interactive segment of the blog:

What are some cool band names you've come up with? Please, do tell.


ADAMANT said...

'Mizz Fitz ' was the name of the band my best friend and I pretended we had when we were at school.

Some of my favorites from my home town pub circuit were
'The Flaming Softies' and
'Cava Cava'

And My Dad was the Drummer in Elias Hulk - I always loved that name.

Chad said...

First of all, love the title. Brings back memories of watching In Living Color.

As for a band name, I'm too uncreative to think of one on my own, but to steal something from one of the greatest shows of all time, I think "The Flaming Moes" would be a cool name.

P said...

My two faves, each of which actually do exist (mostly, and depending on who's visiting me and when), are:

The Bedroom Troubadors, and

The Free Radicals (there's a rumor going around that another band with that name already exists... and if so, I think we should have a battle-of-the-bands for rights to the name. Either that or a good ol' fashioned cage match).