Mar 4, 2005

So. Anyway.

What are you guys doing this weekend? Anything interesting? I think I may have a date, but he did the whole "I'll call you this week to set it up," and I haven't heard anything. And it's already Friday.


And don't tell me I have to read "He's Just Not That Into You." I already know: Don't waste the pretty. I think the weather will actually be nice (e.g. no rain), so even if the date doesn't pan out, I'm going to get out and do stuff.

Anyway, leave me a comment or fifty, letting me know what interesting weekend plans you have.


Angie said...

I have no plans. Thinking of skiing tomorrow. But I'm feeling run down, so may be coming down ill.

ADAMANT said...

Tae Kwon Do first thing in the morning followed by a couple of hours with my wife looking for the right shade of green bed sheets/pillow cases.

Then it's putting up crown molding in the newly re-decorated bedroom while watching Footbal (I will NOT call it Soccer) from England.

Have fun Y'All. (There, I said it.)

P said...

This afternoon involves Happy Hour at a bar that caters to dormrats like myself. Then tomorrow Illinois is on TV. Then Sunday I'll be trying to roll my damn kayak in a pool.

Notice there are no dates involved in my weekend.

Tamara said...

I plan on watching my Netflix movies, staying in bed all day only leaving it to get more snacks, and going out for drinks Saturday night.