Mar 10, 2005

eSchmarmony Redux

Man, I'm convinced that eHarmony is a bunch of bullshit.

Tonight, I checked my email, and I was somewhat relieved to find out that I now had FIVE matches.

Out of curiosity, I put in my account number so that I could view photos, etc. First of all, they try to get you to buy a year's subscription that's like, $300 or something. But if you scroll down, you can find the cheapest plan, a month-to-monther for $49.95. Then they auto-renew you for $39.95 every month after that, which you can opt-out of.

So I go to check my matches and their pictures. Whaddaya know. They're ALL "Asian/Pacific Islander." I don't remember checking a box during the questionnaireathon that said what ethnic preference I'd like my future soulmate to be.

Now, here's one thing about me you don't know: I typically shy away from dating Asian guys. Not because I think they're not hot (I mean, Russell Wong, need I say more), but it just weirds me out. Especially dating another Filipino guy. I mean, that's like dating your own cousin. Blech.

Apparently the folks at eHarmony think differently. And now that I think about it, I don't ever remember seeing any mixed-race couples on their commercials. Hmmm ...

Needless to say, I cancelled on that shit. You have seven days within which you can cancel your account and never be charged. It's part of their "risk-free guarantee." BUT - as Part Two, you have to call their 800-number between 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST in order to get some cancellation number. And THEN your account is cancelled. Ugh.


A-Dub said...

mmmm, thanks for the eharmony warnings...Im all about the interracial dating!

mmm, Russell hot

JC said...

"Especially dating another Filipino guy. I mean, that's like dating your own cousin. Blech."

I have to say, that's pretty funny.

Because Filipinos are so prevalent everywhere, I have this belief that in a couple of generations, everyone will be at least part Filipino.

Great site!


Mac said...

Dr Neil Warren, the face/founder of eharmony is married to my mother's cousin. He used to be the dean of psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary in Southern California. He married money and now he's got to make some more.

I know nothing about eHarmony, but I do know something about shallow, materialistic Southern Californians, case-in-point: our Gropenfuhuer the governator.

Anonymous said...

My subscription expired two months ago. Nonetheless, eharmony continues to match me with others, sending me continual emails--14 so far--with the good news that they have found the love of my life for me.

Not only is this unfair to the people who thought they were being matched with a current subscriber, but it also makes me wonder how many of the people to whom I was matched, while I was a paying subscriber, were in fact inactive.

Shame, shame, shame.

PS: I found your blog by googling "eharmony is bullshit." Why didn't I think to do this before I subscribed?

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, you're just another asian girl who's ashamed of her own race and only dates white guys?

How typical!

Mags said...

Anonymous #2: Don't even try it, baby love. I have no self-hatred, my dear. If I could find an Asian man that got me all hot and bothered, I'd so be all over him like nobody's business. Trust me. It would be so much easier.