Mar 8, 2005

Always look for the silver lining

So my iPod froze this morning, and I was freaking out. Luckily, I work near an Apple store, so I went down there to make an appointment with one of their "geniuses" (read: Tech Support).

Got it fixed. Turns out all it needed was to be reset. I had coincidentally skipped over that little detail in the manual.

Anyway. So I'm back at my desk now, eating my pb & j sandwich with salty potato chips, thinking, "damn, I'd really love a Diet Coke right now."

Our soda machine was out of them yesterday.

Then - just as I was thinking that, one of my co-workers comes by my cube.

"Hey Mags, do you want a Diet Coke, by chance? I have an extra."


The Cure said...

PBJ is the best. I really got to get me an ipod. Yours is the first time I have ever heard of anything going wrong... and it doesn't sound that bad.

Mags said...

I dunno man, I usually have bad luck when it comes to technology. The Palm Pilot I bought had to be reset like a million times. All the things Sony I've bought have broken. And now the iPod. But dammit, I still love it. You really gotta get one. And buy the extended warranty. You know, just in case.