Mar 10, 2005

Let us all pause now, for a moment of cuteness.

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My neighbors have two rabbits that they let roam free in their front yard. They've done such a horrible job with their landscaping (a porch swing, tiny waterfall, cinder blocks and Xmas lights, someone needs to call Queer Eye on their ass) that the rabbits aren't even trying to chill there. Like they wouldn't be caught dead in that tacky front yard.

Almost every morning, this one rabbit hangs out in my front yard, nibbling on grass. Sometimes, it'll be with its buddy, the other rabbit, just hangin' out, enjoying the morning, greeting me before I go to work and what not.

Just recently I started feeding them. I give them the lettuce and snap peas and carrots that I should be eating. One day I walked over to this rabbit with a handful of lettuce and carrots, and instead of getting scared, it ran toward me. I'm such a wuss; I got scared, dropped the veggies on the ground, and ran back to the front door. Cute lil' thing must have been starving, because it tore that salad up. When it comes to veggies, rabbits don't play.

Anyway, I took a picture of today's morning feeding, because I wanted to share. Awww.

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ADAMANT said...

Be Veeewwwy Qwiet....