Mar 20, 2005

I don't like Mondays

Tomorrow is Dad's surgery. It's an elective surgery, non-emergency, but still. He's pretty nervous about it, as am I. I'm trying not to think about it. Things will go fine, I have a feeling. It's the uncertainty of things, and the anxiety beforehand that puts my acid reflux on blast mode.

Today's a lazy Sunday afternoon. I don't want to do anything but watch Food Network and eat my cheese and crackers. And that's just what I intend to do.

But I thought I'd stop by here first and say hi. Hope you're all doing well.


Allie said...

Many good thoughts going your way. My dad has had a million procedures done over the last few months. Fortunately, my 3 siblings live close enough to be with him through it all. The distance has allowed me to somehow pretend it's not as bad as it is and feel terribly guilty at the same time. It doesn't matter how old we get, it still feels way too soon to be dealing with something like this with one of our parents. A virtual hug to you, Mags.

Tamara said...

I hope all goes well, and my good thoughts are heading on up there.