Apr 24, 2006

Oh please.

The soaring gas prices we're experiencing lately are possibly 33% of my decision to bike to work each morning. So you can understand why I feel a bit apprehensive doing a road trip with the family to Yosemite.

But I really shouldn't be worried, because The Decider is right on it:
Bush was working on the speech aboard Air Force One as he flew home Monday evening from a four-day trip to California that ended with a swing through Las Vegas. McClellan outlined part of the speech to reporters traveling on the plane.

McClellan said Bush also will announce that his attorney general and Federal Trade Commission will send a letter to all 50 state attorneys general, who have primary authority over price gouging, to remind them to stay on top of the issue and offer federal help to do so. And he will call on energy companies to reinvest their profits into expanding refining capacity, developing new technologies and researching alternative energy sources.

"I think you'll hear the president say very clearly that he will not tolerate price gouging," McClellan said.

Bush has consistently said that gas prices are high because global demand is rising faster than global supply and that the problem cannot be solved overnight. McClellan said Bush will talk about how experts predict that the price is expected to increase this summer and how the switch to a summer fuel mix is contributing to the problem.

Bush's actions are part of a four-part plan to address gas prices in the short- and long-term, McClellan said. The steps McClellan outlined are:

1. making sure consumers and taxpayers are treated fairly;

2. promoting greater fuel efficiency;

3. boosting gasoline supply at home;

4. aggressive long-term investment in alternative fuels.
Right. I'm sure an investigation into the very industry that made your family filthy rich over the years is going to be anything but hard hitting and objective.

And what's pissing me off right now is that Americans only start to get riled up when gas prices go up. But I guess I should look at the bright side - maybe this'll be the catalyst we need to wake people the fuck up.

UPDATE 4/25: See what I mean?


john said...

That's exactly what i thought when i read this. Unless the American people are incredibly naive, I'm sure this won't fool many.

Laurie said...

Reminds me of the investigation into whether or not FEMA mishandled Hurricane Katrina--the investigation was led by FEMA. Talk about letting the fox into the henhouse. So typical of this administration.

The latest dip in poll approval has me wondering--at what point do the American people demand impeachment? Or do we only condemn blow jobs these days?

Ellie said...

I really hope it does wake up the American people...but i doubt it. Some of them are so shortsited and can't put two and two together.

good point Laurie...how many lies does he have to tell to get impeached.

John Good said...

I think the sheeple ARE finally waking up! This state-authored impeachment thing seems to really be gaining traction. I can't wait for tomorrow's news; I may not sleep tonight!