Apr 19, 2006

I must be ovulating ...

... or really hungry, because this is sounding pretty good right now. I don’t even care if it can’t make chocolate:
On the machine's front is a computer screen running on a Linux operating system. It displays menus of possible flavors and allows the user to create any combination, such as low-fat coffee ice cream with Oreo cookies. If the machine runs out of a flavor, it stops putting it on the menu and sends a message to MooBella asking for a refill.
So far, so good, until:
[MooBella President Bruce] Ginsberg raises the idea that Starbucks could fit a MooBella machine in most of its shops. “We could make Starbucks the largest ice cream chain overnight,” he says.

How's it taste? USA TODAY's Edward Baig wrote: “My sample scoop of low-carb vanilla with cookies 'n' cream was tasty.” Fortune's Peter Lewis wrote: “The machine delivers a freshly made scoop that, based on my exhaustive testing, tastes delicious despite a slight gumminess.”
But then again ... ice cream via vending machine at an SBUX seems somewhat fitting.

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