Apr 11, 2006

More on Nuking Iran

Check out Meteor Blades' post on The Next Hurrah about the implications involved if the U.S. were to use nuclear power to bomb Iran. And even if the post title is "BBC Calls Nuking of Iran 'Improbable'," I'm still not convinced it won't happen.

It's like I'm in 5th grade again, freaking out over "The Day After." Only this time - as proven by Bush's stubbornness in going to war with Iraq - the threat seems all too real. And my feelings of fear and uncertainty stem from the fact that Bush feels like this is his calling, to invoke regime change after regime change, all in the name of spreading Democracy around the world.

And even though the BBC lays out logical bullet points explaining why this notion is improbable, once Bush believes that his decision is the right decision, he won't waver - as we all know, he views this stubbornness as an honorable personality trait.

I just cannot understand how Bush can reconcile his intentions with the undoubted effects of nuclear weapons on human lives, the environment, the planet itself - all in the name of unbridled nationalism, and, as James Fallows of The Atlantic Monthly says, "the triumph of hope, wishful thinking, and self-delusion over realism and practicality."

And how can some people, namely, Bush's partisan disciples - as human beings - support this?

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I.M. Dedd said...

Anything is possible in Bushworld, kiddo. Anything.