Apr 6, 2006

Merideth Viera: You go, girl

So I watch NBC's Today show while getting ready for work and quickly consuming my [insert toasted bread product here] slathered with butter/glass of water/multivitamin/Claritin every morning. A part of me is somewhat sad to see Katie Couric go - I guess I got a little attached to the Couric/Lauer duo. Don't judge me. I still can't stand Al Roker. And I had a slight girly crush on Ann Curry until she got that stupid bob haircut.

But I digress.

So Merideth Viera from "The View," aka "That Coffee Klatch I Can't Stand to Watch" is going to take her place.
Me: "Whatevs." (Scandal fatigue and writer's block aside, mind you.)
Until I saw this Viera quote from Will Bunch's Attytood:

Check out her handling of Ann Coulter on "The View" in 2003:

Viera: "In your last book you said liberals have been wrong about everything in last half century. You ticked us off over that one, alright. And now in this new book you say that liberals hate freedom...I want to talk about your politics because in Treason you say, yes, that liberals hate America."

Ann Coulter: "Right."

Vieira: "Well, it's stupid. What do you mean liberals hate America?"

Let's hope she doesn't check her balls at the door of NBC, eh?

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