Apr 29, 2006

Colorado Snitches

Those in the know are aware of what the date 4-20 signifies. So do the students at Colorado University - Boulder, who every year take over Farrand Field and spark it up in celebration.

Well, now the CU Boulder police have come up with a way to bring these people to "justice": By posting their pictures up on the Internet and offering anyone $50 for each person they are able to identify. Like, for example, this guy:

Obviously a hardcore drug addict out to ruin the future of our nation.

Of all the utterly ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. What is up with college students being vilified and attacked for protesting these days? Isn’t that what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing when you’re in college? First UCSC and the whole Michelle Malkin debacle, and now this at CU. Ridiculous. I hope it only serves to fan the fire of our nation’s university students, rather than creating a cadre of young intellectuals who are too afraid to speak up for what they believe in. We can only hope.

What’s sad too is that there are quite a few folks on that page who have already been stamped with “identified.” I mean, who are the people who sold their friends out for a measly $50?

(Props to Steve O's post at Bring it On! for the heads up.)


Angie said...

future republicans

Tom Harper said...

That person in the picture is James Ridley, 19. He lives at 221 East Fourth St., Boulder. He's a Political Science major.

Give me my $50.

Jeremy said...

We used to have the 4/20 olympics at my school...fun and games for the whole family :-)

Brian said...

Bah. I'm hardly surprised. The more I see, the more I'm convinced that a frightening large percentage of people would kill someone for $50, let alone turn them in.

"Get what you can" seems to be the motto of the times.

seamus said...

This is the age of reality TV. Most people will take $50 to humiliate themselves, so of course they'll take $50 to humiliate others.

It's a dastardly deed by the cops, but here's a good test of principles: What if you saw a picture of the person who cheated with your girl/boyfriend? Imagine that rent was due, and you were $30 short. Would you bust them for a quick 50? I had to think about my answer for a minute.

Laurie said...