Apr 17, 2006

Me and my brilliant ideas

As part of my efforts to get in better shape, I rode my bike to work today. It's about two miles each way, which isn't so bad, except why the HELL did I have to pick an apartment at the top of a hill?

Let's just say that I'm not good at negotiating the inclines as of yet. And don't even tell me to stand up on the bike. See that sweaty girl panting heavily and walking her bike up the hill? That's me, looking silly as all hell.

And seriously, these bike helmets? Not cute.

Thankfully, the area in which I live is bike friendly, although one driver did honk his/her horn at me on the way home today. Maybe he/she was mocking me and my badonkadonk; maybe he/she was signaling to me that he/she was there; or maybe he/she was flirting with me (this is Oakland, after all). All I have to say was that I was too tired to muster a reaction, which I guess is a good thing.

Thank Jah, I managed to get home safely, and now my right arm is twitching (wtf?). The experience was both frightening and exhilarating - kind of like how I felt the first (and only) time I went skiing. I've put off riding my bike to work before because a) my old neighborhood was also situated on a hill, b) I wasn't motivated, and c) I'm deathly afraid of riding my bike in the street.

But for some reason, today I was just UNafraid enough to give it a shot. We'll see how I feel the same way tomorrow morning, but I have to admit, I'm feeling quite accomplished today. Yay me.


Jeremy said...

One great way to get in shape...do the low carb thing in combination w/exercise. I kid you not. I was never really a big meat eater, but I can get by on a lot of different chicken, steak/veggie stir fry recipies, etc.

You get a TON of energy, you never feel "full" (you feel satisfied), and you just start looking and feeling fantastic.

In just a year I went from saying "damn I have to get in better shape" to losing about 40 lbs, and running 3.5 miles a day, with a lot more muscle mass.

Anyway, just my $.02 for anyone wanting to make a change :-)

I.M. Dedd said...

Why not walk to work? Two miles each way is a good walk. Put on the ipod and go.

e. said...

BRAVO!!! girl, you deserve a nice, big pat on the back! as a bike nut, i'm applauding anyone who takes to the streets, and the fact that you just decided to effing do it... you totally rock.

i mean, you do anyway, but you extra rawk!!!