Apr 25, 2006

More buzz for your buck

Do you really need a $500 vibrator?

UPDATE 4/26: As someone who once spent $250 on a pair of shoes, all I'm saying is that while I'm not averse to the higher end of the product spectrum, there's just got to be a little something "extra" to said vibrator that adds value. Like, if I'm going to pay $500 for this sucker, there's got to be some types of gadgetry or a little somethin' somethin' going on. Like a GPS system. Or a compass. Or a hidden storage compartment. Just something, you know what I'm saying?

It makes the one that I want - a mere $40 one - seem like an utter bargain.

Ahem. Anyway. Carry on.


Angie said...


Scaramouche said...

Why not get a kneck massager for $19.95 and then get a pool boy to maintain it for the next 14 weeks?

Adobo said...

What a rip-off! It's not even "ribbed for enhanced pleasure"! I'll settle for an "ampalaya". (only Mags knows.....)

Popodog said...

One word... Sybian

Mags said...

I should start a Sybian fund.