Jan 11, 2006

Lizzie Dole and her survey.

I don't know why, but somehow I got on the mailing list for GOPsenators.com. And I've already posted about the first time Elizabeth Dole sent me something.

This time (the subject line reads "Howard Dean Says We Can't Win"), she wants me to take this "pulse poll" on Iraq. Here's what the "email" says:
Do you agree with Howard Dean and the Cut-and-Run Democrats?

Or do you agree with President Bush who has a sensible plan for a strong, stable and democratic Iraq?

Please vote in our poll now.

I will share your answers with our Republican Senate Leadership. We need to know where you stand.

I also want to know if you think the Democrats are trying to use Iraq for their own partisan political gain.

The Democrats, led by Howard Dean, have increased their calls in recent days for the U.S. to cut-and-run from Iraq.

But their calls ring hollow. On the heels of successful democratic elections in Iraq, it is clear we're making progress.

The Howard Dean Democrats' short-sighted foreign policy prescriptions will not win the war on terror, nor will they help create a free and democratic Iraq. Instead, their cut and run approach would only embolden the terrorists and rogue regimes throughout the world.

I suspect you are just as proud of our men and women in the armed forces who are serving bravely and nobly in Iraq. They deserve our support and our gratitude. And they deserve the chance to finish the job they've been sacrificing to achieve.

Your answers to our poll will help make sure our leadership knows where you stand. They obviously hear the doom-and-gloom in the media everyday. And they're being pummeled by the Democrats seeking partisan advantage.

Our Republican leadership needs to hear from you.

Please complete our poll today.

Thank you and may God bless you.

With heartfelt thanks,
Elizabeth Dole
So of course, I'm taking the poll. And using my real name and address, because well, you know, it's the law.


Generik said...

Please convey all our best regards to that evil, spin-mongering bitch. No, really. Tell her what we really think of her and her disingenuous bullshit.

seamus said...

I got one of those in the mail about a year ago. When I mailed it back, I included a rather heavy rock that I picked up on Ocean Beach, just to make the GOP Senatorial Committee pay an extra buck for postage.

It felt good.