Jan 26, 2006

Sexual healing

I wrote earlier about our friends Chuang Chuang and Lin Hui, two pandas at a zoo in Thailand, whose sexin' was like, all the rage.

Unfortunately, the mating was "not successful" - how one measures "successful Panda sex" I have no clue. Nor do I think I want to know. But here's an explanation given by Zoo Administrator Prasertsak Puttrakul: Because pandas live in captivity, they're not surrounded by other pandas mating, so how would they even know that they need to start geting busy? You know, for procreation purposes. (Or maybe a little panda fun?) The "why," if you will.

Judging by this picture, the "how" is, obviously, innate. I mean, looks like they went straight for the panda style. Chuang Chuang knows how she likes it.

Sorry. Anyway.

So to remedy this problem, Puttrakul came up with this solution:
[He] has prepared a DVD of pandas having sexual intercourse to show the couple, hoping the demonstration -- call it panda porn -- will inspire them to make a love connection.

He may have a point here. Let's just hope the soundtrack will sound a little more modern than, well, nevermind.

(Photo credit: Reuters/handout)

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