Jan 13, 2006

Joisey's new slogan. You got a problem with that?

New Jersey: Come See For Yourself.

That's the state's new slogan, announced today. Coming soon, to a tourism ad near you.
Officials hope that the catch phrase will boost their tourism by changing the Garden State's image as a home of mobsters, jam-packed highways, ugly oil refineries and ... those chemical smells.

"When it comes to image, New Jersey really cares," Gov. Richard Codey said. "I am proud to be governor of a state that has pride - and shows it."
He better be, because his state paid $260,000 for this.

Out of 80,000 ideas, they narrowed it down to five contenders. Here's the remaining four choices:
  1. "Expect the unexpected"
  2. "Love at first sight"
  3. "The real deal"
  4. "The best kept secret"
Personally, I prefer a slogan I saw on a t-shirt once: "New Jersey: Only the strong survive."

Heh heh.

Props to my homegirl in The Jerz, Amanda, for the link.


jurassicpork said...

New Jersey: Close enough to New York City so that you hardly notice the smell.

Generik said...

I have a friend, a correspondent from New Jersey, whose email signature tag-line reads: "New Jersey: Where the weak are killed and eaten."

e. said...

being a jersey girl myself i find myself offended by all this garden state bashing!

'course, there might be a reason my granmother was known to constantly repeat, "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

and, on a decidedly different note, mags, why the hell can i not e-mail you??? every time i do it says you don't exist...

is this a government conspiracy?!!?