Jan 12, 2006

Project Runway After Party

I know I missed last week's episode where the designers had to fabricate a dress for Nicki Hilton. Now that I've seen the 9 p.m. rerun episode, I just have to say: LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Zoolander-inspired designer walk-off. I'm sorry. But Santino was working the Sexy.

It's good to know that Diana's got a little freak in her. I was relieved.

Also, I've noticed that Nina Garcia has been totally rocking the ginormous-pendant-with-tank-top look. Do I smell a trend?

Guadalupe's dress was not very cute, I'll admit. But I'm sorry that she got cut. How can you hate on a girl that can bust a mean centipede? I hate that she's gone!

Now on to this week's episode!

Episode 6: Banana Republic Challenge
In this episode, the designers were tasked to design day-into-evening outfit for a typical Banana Republic customer. Members of the Project Runway Faithful remember that last year, Wendy "The female Richard Hatch without the alleged tax evasion" Pepper won this challenge. Will the most annoying designer clinch the BR Challenge again this season?

The designers were paired in teams of two. And from here, the drama ensues! The winning team of designers gets their outfit produced and sold at select Banana Republic stores. The losing team of two gets eliminated. Two people! Ooooh!

Immediately, you get the sense that people - especially Nick - are getting sick of Santino's braggadocio. It's going to blow up in his face one of these episodes, I just know it. Bring on the catfight!

Two hours before their midnight deadline, Zulema and Kara don't even have a strong design. Yikes. So Zulema takes control, eschewing the popular navy blue silk charmeuse and picking a circular print that no one else touched, while Kara goes hysterical. Zulema's inner bully comes out, but she wins the quote of the day with her "I don't care if you cry and cut, but you gotta cry and cut." Sounds like something I'd say.

But I'm not a bully.

So anyway.

On the day of the runway show with one hour to spare for finishing the garments, fitting the models, and getting them to hair and makeup (honestly, how do they do it?), Zulema and Kara finally finished their dress, and it didn't look half bad.

For the second part of the challenge, each team got a display window at Banana Republic, using their models as live mannequins. Sound the Kim Catrall alarm! They had to create a visual display at the storefront to help sell the outfit. NYC sidewalk gawkers would vote for the display they liked the best. Comeback Kids Zulema and Kara had the best display window by far (although Andrae and Daniel actually got the gawkers' votes), with their Manhattan skyline theme. Phew!

Honestly, all of the final outfits were gorgeous. But Nick and Santino's outfit, while beautiful, I think was a little too edgy for BR. I mean, I don't think I've ever seen BR do an exaggerated kimono sleeve, have you? And I think that after Nick's clumsy answers during the Q&A, this is going to be the end of any future Nick/Santino partnerships.

Diana and Marla's design, according to Heidi, was "dull and cliche." Ouch. They're out.

See you next week!

P.S. Chloe is a midget!

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