Jan 16, 2006

I wanna rock and roll all night, and drink coffee every day!

KISS fans rejoice!

The aging rock band is set to open the KISS Coffeehouse this spring in Myrtle Beach.
Don't expect the same old laid-back coffee place.

Envision servers donning the trademark KISS face paint for special occasions and KISS classics blaring as a machine whips up the trademark KISS Frozen Rockuccino or a French KISS Vanilla.

"This concept is a little different," said Brian Galvin, a KISS fan for 31 years who developed the coffeehouse idea. "It's a stimulating environment to drink a stimulating beverage
I wonder if applicants will be screened for tongue length and ability to spit blood. [Right? Gene Simmons used to do that, right?]

Oh geez:
Myrtle Beach offers the perfect stage for a KISS Coffeehouse, Galvin said, because of its appeal to the "Middle America" market, the segment likely to "Rock and Roll All Nite."
Yeah, this'll last.

Props to Ted for the link.

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