Jan 22, 2006

Putting the "bar" in "barbarian"

It's about that time again, when my favorite group of bloggers, the BARBARians, get together this Saturday, Jan. 28, for some beers and wonderful conversation.

Come join us - we have some money left over from the last get together, so the first few pitchers of beers are free (to you, anyway).

That'll last us ... oh, anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour or two, depending on how many of you wonderful and thirsty folks show up.

Click here for the key tidbits of info.

Hope to see you all there!

And Brother Kenya and Seamus, this means you!


seamus said...

Dammit, Mags. I'm sick of this BARBARian conspiracy against me.

Jan. 28 is my MOVING DAY. I got the ex-cons showing up at 9am to schlepp my crap 2.5 miles south, and then I gotta clean out the old unit (if you know what I mean, wink wink) the rest of the afternoon.

Ugh. And on free beer day, too!

Brian said...

Finally - a non-Thursday, so I don't have to worry about being out late and dragging myself into work the morning after the barbarian bash. Cool.

Thanks for flagging that!

Kvatch said...

A question: Are all Bay-area bloggers invited? Do I need the secret handshake? Do you allow frogs?

John said...

Maybe you guys could start collecting a few bucks per visit and put it in a Bring Blogenlust to the BARBARians Slush Fund. Then I can come back and visit.

I have a paypal account.

Brother Kenya said...

Hey! Believe it or not, it looks like I'll be there (barring the unforeseen). We're in the city for dinner, so I figure, why not see the BARBARians at the same time? I hope it's OK to bring a wife, because I got me one.