Jan 8, 2006

Robertson's diarrhea of the mouth

Is Pat Robertson's latest bullshit fragmenting the Conservative Christian base?

On Jan. 5, Robertson said that Israeli Prime Minister's stroke was divine retaliation, really, for "dividing God's land."

Okay, seriously? I don't think God gives two shits about land and borders and who owns what and real estate.

It's inflammatory comments like this [Robertson's, not what I just said about God not giving two shits] that are making conservatives speak out against him. From the New York Times:

His old friends and allies in the conservative Christian movement are cringing with embarrassment, giving interviews ruing his remarks. "He speaks for an ever-diminishing number of American evangelicals, and that process accelerates every time he makes a statement like this," said Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

Os Guinness, a prominent Christian writer and social critic, said: " I know hundreds of people who are just terminally frustrated with the idiotic public statements of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and the idea that these people represent us. They don't."

Donald Wildmon, the founder and head of American Family Association and American Family Radio, said: "Pat's comments were most unfortunate. I don't think this served our cause very well."

So now you see why conservative Christians freak me out? It's because of the Pat Robertsons, James Dobsons, Jerry Falwells, and Fred Phelps's of the world. And while there very well may be some conservatives who actually agree with the manure that springs forth from Robertson's mouth, there will be a time when Robertson's influence will no longer carry as much weight. Either conservatives' views will become more tolerant (unlikely), or they'll find another talking head who has a little more tact.

The current distancing from Robertson is pretty funny. Keep doing what you're doing, crazy old man. More and more people will begin to realize what you and your "movement" stands for. Maybe then, folks will see that your views are about as unamerican and unchristian as can be.


Anonymous said...

They freak a lot of us out. I really think this shows that Sharon isn't the only one with an arterial flow problem. Pat needs to get back on his meds!

BGW said...

Consider yourself lucky. I've lived my entire life in the same state as Robertson & Falwell. If they so much as pass gas, it's on page 3.

It's no wonder I drink.

Brian said...

Oh, how I find myself wishing for a lightning bolt to happen to strike Robertson on the head.

Yea, I know it's mean... but it's what you were all thinking.

MikeJ said...

Unfortuntaely, Pat Robertson has spawned, so even once he's gone, his son (Gordon, I think?) will take the reigns of the chariot. One can only hope he provides as much fodder as his father does.

Oh, this just in: Pat Robertson is on TV saying that in the book of Malachi, anyone who roots against the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday shall have their nipples shaved off.

On second thought, maybe he isn't so crazy....