Nov 13, 2006


As much as she annoys me, I have to concede that Rachel Ray can cook. I've made two of her recipes so far, and have been pleasantly surprised.

Tonight's dinner: Papa al Pomodoro. Basically, it's a tomato-based soup thickened with stale bread. Perfect for a cold and rainy evening.

I would take a picture of my bowl of stew (it's too thick to call it a soup) to show you all the final product (as if you're interested), but the pictures I came up with didn't do it justice. I think my camera sucks. My pictures never come out as good as the Gluten-Free Girl's photos, who unfortunately, can't eat this, alas.

The recipe is here. I certainly hope this freezes well, because I made a ton.

Buon appetito!

P.S.: Yes, I drizzled with EVOO.

UPDATE: Okay, I managed to snag one decent photo of my dinner. Peep the brand-new Le Creuset, bitches.

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Univgurl said...

Rachael calls her dishes that are too thick to be a soup and too thin to be a stew, stoup. I think you've made a stoup