Nov 22, 2006

Giving Thanks

Much of what I'm grateful for hasn't changed since my Thanksgiving post from last year. I'm still the same wacky, nerdy, thoughtful, sensitive, and loving person (to my detriment, sometimes) that I've always been. And I'm still grateful for my family, friends, happiness and health. Oh yeah, and for the fact that the Dems took control of Congress finally this year.

My only wish for all you 30-60 people, you loyal and ardent supporters of G-list blogs, who come to my blog each day (some of you are STILL searching for that Damien Marley song!) is that you let the people you care about know that you are thankful for their presence.

It's nice to know that every once in a while.

Be well, everyone, and have a great Thanksgiving.

Now, get your grub on. You know I will.


Kvatch said...

I tell ya...that picture never gets old.

Just wanted to pop by and wish you and your's a Happy Thanksgiving Mags!

Snave said...

It's fine that Bush got caught with a turkey going down on him, but what we really need here is an INTERN!