Nov 23, 2006

"Liberalism is a mental disorder."

That's what I saw on a super-sized bumper sticker this afternoon on my way to a Thanksgiving party in Santa Rosa.

I didn't get a good look at the guy driving the car (actually, it was a beat-up truck, but who am I to judge?), but please believe I would have given him my wrathful eye had we made eye contact.

Why the namecalling? Why the insults? I don't necessarily agree with right-wing politics, and I absolutely detest their successful attempts at perverting an innocent term to describe a political ideology --- an ideology that is rooted in individual freedom, oh by the way (as if this is a bad thing!) --- into something that connotes stupidity, naiivete, or insanity. Cannot. Stand. It.

Fucking irresponsible. Why not just agree to disagree, for fuck's sake? Now you've gone ahead and given stupid people who can't think for themselves something to latch on to. Brilliant.

Anyway. Whatever.

Let's all go to our happy place now, shall we?

(YouTube link courtesy of someone.)


MichaelBains said...


I have totally gotta get me a happy place like that!

Happy Mentally Disordered Holidays!

I.M. Dedd said...

Yeah, liberals -- people like Jesus Christ, et. al., -- they can be so damned annoying, can't they?

Happy Thanksgiving, Mags.

john said...

I'm surprised someone with a bumper sticker like that in Northern California even has tires to drive on!

mrgumby2u said...

That's also the title of a book by Michael Savage (nee Weiner), who clearly knows a thing or two about mental disorders.

*Komrad* Katjuša* said...

Mikal Savadz has been on my s=&#!7 list for some time now. we are regularly subject to being ear raped by that kurva sina on the local kapitalizt rant wing radio station. puts me in a foul mood on a fairly regular basis.
His latest the Republicans are evil but the Democrats are eviler' štik is getting really old and moldy fast.
San Francisco people are really civilized to tolerate him.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing liberal about American "liberals". They are better described as socialists, and that is what "right wing" ranters like Michael Savage (and me) are talking about. True liberals want complete personal freedom and what comes with it - responsibility for our own actions. Unlike the Dems (aka liberals) we don't need the government to tell us what to do, what to think or how to spend the money we earn (i.e. taxes). The liberalism that bumper sticker refers to is the brand of thinking that has given us massive, corrupt government and trillions wasted on failed social programs.