Nov 7, 2006

Don't forget

Don't forget to vote today. We may have a chance to make some real change in the legislative branch this time around. Every vote counts.

Sidebar: What are your thoughts on Prop 87? Is it a step in the right direction, or is it an invitation to creating a mismanaged program? I received two conflicting endorsements, ostensibly both from Democrats. I'm leaning on a "yes" vote, but I'd like to hear what some of you think about it. How are you going to vote on it, and why? Something like this would usually be a slam-dunk vote for me, but that mailing threw me off.


Adobo said...

Mags!!! You are also one who received a "phony" voters guide. It show a picture of a bald eagle. Here is an email I received from Move on:

" just received an election ballot slate card in the mail called "Information Guide for Democrats." I'll bet you have too. Look for it. Then throw it away. It's pure deception. And then get mad. Pretending to be a Democratic slate, this mailer recommends against Propositions 87 and 89, the Clean Energy and Clean Money Initiatives. There's a picture of this mailer in the sidebar to the right, so you can identify it."

Hope this exlains it- can you say desperation on the part of the reps? I'm voting Yes. Hope u get this b4 voting!

Mags said...

Oh my god! I feel so dirty now!

Thanks, Glenn!