Nov 12, 2006

We're supposed to be grateful or something

From Bush's radio address yesterday (emphasis mine):
One freedom that defines our way of life is the freedom to choose our leaders at the ballot box. We saw that freedom earlier this week, when millions of Americans went to the polls to cast their votes for a new Congress. Whatever your opinion of the outcome, all Americans can take pride in the example our democracy sets for the world by holding elections even in a time of war.
What a dumbass.

(Courtesy of The Carpetbagger Report.)


revi said...

words fail me.

and hey, not to beat the decomposed horse, but yea, didn't we vote for a different president a few years back?

it's like being in a bad relationship.

how many times are you going to let the dumbass cheat on you and drag you onto jerry springer before you dump him?

o.O i think i have a fever. nevermind.

I.M. Dedd said...

yep. he's a dumbass. but that's kinda like saying water is wet.

I think I have a fever, too.

revi said...

i was recounting this quote to a friend and the dimwit lightbulb went on over my head. he's making threats, isn't he?

yea, see you in two years.

martial law won't come cheap. nope.