Mar 2, 2006

What's the point?

The ports deal with the UAE company becomes final either tomorrow or Monday, regardless of the 45-day review.

UPDATE: And then I come across this from Think Progress (via Suburban Guerrilla). See, back in 2002, Al Qaida wrote a letter to the UAE government acknowledging that the UAE government was well aware that Al Qaida infiltrated key agencies in that country.

Why the urgency to sign this ports deal? It's almost as if the Bush Administration is trying so hard to ensure another 9/11 --- or better yet --- a thwarted attempt, saved in the nick of time. All the better to ensure you continue to vote GOP in November, my pretties.


danvera said...

Yeah, I don't trust this admin to prevent another disaster. They'd love nothing better frankly. Disgusting all around. I can only take joy that their approval numbers are tanking. Now we just need a real progressive alternative to come in. ("Anyone?" "Anyone?" "Bueller?")

revidescent said...

oh good. glad i'm not the only one wondering if that is the plan. plot. scheme.


revi said...

saw this and though of you

Kabooke Quantum Fighter said...

dude, i know the uae, very well, and i reaally dont think they have any terrorist affiliation. however, i know you know your american politics and anythings possible but i can vouch for da uae, it aint no terrorists hub.
ps: in case you didnt know, ninjas rule!
eZ now!