Mar 13, 2006

Bush Euphemisms

In my relatively short stint as a - dare I say it - blogger, I am always amused at the euphemisms writers use to refer to President George W. Bush. I came across this post from at Povertybarn in which SourKraut refers to him as "Dumb Dumb."

Needless to say, this roused a hearty chuckle within me.

So I thought I'd list all of the Bush euphemisms I could think of that I've heard over the years - some from bloggers, and some from old coworkers. Feel free to add more in the comments section. I think it'd be interesting to see how many we can come up with.
  1. Not My President
  2. Dubya
  3. Shrub/Shrubya
  4. Preznit
  5. King George
  6. Gwibby
  7. Bubble Boy
  8. ???


seamus said...

I like to call him "Idiot King."

Homer Simpson called him "President Cuckoo-Bird" last season.

catherine said...

Actually, SK was using Dumb Dumb because that is my moniker for him and it is my blog afterall. :)

Idiot King does have a nice ring.

Paul said...

I call him "Sponge-head."

Cecilia said...

I like what my friend Dave calls him - Boy George

jurassicpork said...

How about "Dry-Drunk Sociopath"? "Meat Puppet"?

nunya said...

Ahhh, the master of preznit_______ monikers is a tie, in my very humble opinion ( WTF is it Now?!? )
(Democratic Veteran )

Tom Hilton said...

Captain Codpiece
The Steely-Eyed Rocket Man
Our Pet Goat

revi said...

dumb dumb had me laughing for quite awhile. thank you.

Adobo said...

Dickhead... plain, simple and staightforward. Oh check out his genetic spawn

Kvatch said...

A couple of months ago we did a contest at Blognonymous to give shrub a better nickname. "Kowboy Koward of Krawford" was the winner with "Spurious George" the runner up.

Generik said...

Flightsuit AWOL

Chimpy McCodpiece (or McJingo)

Preznit Dain Bramage

Preznit Shitforbrains

Bush Leaguer

Quagmire Accomplished

Preznit Get My Jingo On

Chickenhawk in Chief

Commander in Thief


King George the Turd

...Shall I go on? Am I too late?