Mar 29, 2006

No longer crack-ish

... Whitney’s allegedly up to fully blown cracked out status.
SUPERSTAR Whitney Houston has spiralled into a world of squalor and degradation on deadly crack — as the shocking pictures in today's Sun newspaper reveal.

It shows the disgusting mess in the singer’s bathroom after a drug binge. Drug paraphernalia including a crack-smoking pipe, rolling papers, cocaine-caked spoons and cigarette ends are strewn across the surface tops.

But Whitney, 42, no longer cares.
Do I have to go on a rant about how Bobby Brown ruined Whitney? Do I? Don’t make me.

(Photo credit: My favorite guilty pleasure. Photo copyrighted 2006 by News Group Newspapers Ltd. and/or its licensors.)


I.M. Dedd said...

You would think she could afford better drugs. Crack? It seems so...common.

Angie said...

So personal responsibility doesn't apply here then?

Tom Harper said...

That must have been a type. 42? You mean 142, right?

Tom Harper said...

OOPS, that word was supposed to be "typo," not "type." I made a typo on the word "typo."