Mar 28, 2006

If only I were this lucky

As some of you know, I started a hiking club to basically find people who would want to go on hikes with me. And I have to say that I've enjoyed all of the hikes we've been on so far (yes, even this one), but I can't say we've ever encountered something like this:
John Suhrhoff found the Louis Vuitton bag on a Sausalito park bench during a lunch stop in the scenic city following a weekend hike.

Inside the bag, police say, was a treasure trove: a 12-carat diamond ring, pearl and emerald jewelry, a Cartier watch and roughly $500 in Canadian and American cash. The contents were worth a cool $1 million.
Turns out the purse belonged to one very lucky Shahla Ghannadian, who was in town with her husband for her daughter's wedding.
The Ghannadians told the Marin Independent Journal of Novato that their flight to Toronto was scheduled for Sunday evening, so they decided to visit Sausalito. The town is known for its waterfront views of San Francisco and is a tourist hub.

Shahla Ghannadian briefly left her husband in charge of the purse, which contained jewelry she wore at the wedding, according to the paper.
No comment. (snort)

P.S. Suhrhoff returned the purse.

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