Mar 26, 2006

RE: Ben Domenech

Now, I'm no conspiracy theorist, but this thought just crossed my mind: What if Ben Domenech's brief stint as the appointed right-wing blogger at the court of WaPo was a setup all along?

The motive by the "vast right-wing conspiracy": To discredit bloggers in general and to attempt to diminish the ever-growing influence of progressive blogs to help incite change and reinvigorate the Democratic party?

I'm just saying. There's gotta be more to it than the Washington Post hiring a blogger with a history of plagiarism - easily found via Google search - to be quickly devoured by the progressive blogosphere and leading to his resignation three days later? I say there's gotta be more to it, because quite frankly, how could the WaPo be so ... stupid?

And let's say, for the sake of argument, that my theory is correct. Most likely, Domenech's resulting trashed reputation can be considered collateral damage. An innocent lamb led via the GOP to the slaughter by the progressive blogosphere, etc. But what if he - Domenech - was privvy to the whole plan? Did Domenech agree to be the patsy? A sort of right-wing fanatical version of the - dare I say it - Islamic modern-day martyr/suicide bomber? Because let's face it, his career as a writer is pretty much shot.

And will the nuclear fallout from Domenech's brief notoriety affect the reputation of all blogs? Even this, my humble, G-list blog?


(This is what happens when I take a mid-day nap, mind you. I really should be in bed right now.)

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