Mar 16, 2006

Bumper sticker anarchy

You've probably heard this already, but I just got to it today: A woman in San Diego is suing her employer for allegedly firing her over her car's bumper sticker.

It was a bumper sticker for Air America.
In her Feb. 21 claim, [Linda] Laroca asserts that on Oct. 8, three weeks after she started working for the marketing company, Fath called her on a Saturday and requested they meet at a nearby grocery store parking lot so Laroca could pass on some documents Fath needed.

During the brief encounter, Laroca charges, the manager pointed to the bumper sticker ---- the only one on Laroca's car ---- and remarked that it was a new sticker and called it "that Al Franken left-wing radical radio station."

Laroca alleges in her suit that Fath then told her, "The country is on a high state of alert. For all I know, you could be al-Qaida."

A stunned Laroca laughed nervously at the statement, the suit alleges, and then was dealt "the final blow" when Fath fired her on the spot.
I don't even know what to say.

(Thanks to Paco for the link.)

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