Mar 9, 2006

To my friends on the east coast.

I made granola tonight. From scratch.

It's official. I'm a hippie. Don't hate.

(Kickass serving bowl courtesy of ACCI Gallery.)


GOP Christian said...

I like Poland. ...but I hate hippies. I used to be one.

Take That!

Pepper said...

I can't hate on homemade granola. I used to live in Berkeley. How long does it take to make?

Mags said...

Not that long at all. I think it takes probably an hour, total, from mixing and drying in the oven. Mine took a little longer than that because I didn't have a huge cookie pan - I had to use a smaller brownie pan and periodically stir up the granola as it was baking.

I think next time I make it though, I'll use honey. The maple syrup I used to improvise worked, but it wasn't very ... mapley.