Mar 13, 2006

More hot air, plus an update from me

Posting will be light for the next few days (as if any of you really notices anyway, now that Project Runway is over), as I am busy with the flawless execution of this conference I've been coordinating for the past three months.

I'm sitting in my hotel room right now with a delightful view of the freeway. My fault, I guess, for asking for a room with a balcony. Anyhoo.

Bush is going to start defending his Iraq policy (yes, again) in a series of speeches this week. Yawn. Seriously. Nothing we haven't heard before ("We will not lose our nerve"). More staunch I've-made-up-my-mind-and-I'm-sticking-to-my-guns language.

Nevermind that 54 people died yesterday in Baghdad as a result of more bombings.

I'm with Kennedy when he says this:
Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, a critic of the Republican administration, said instead of leading a "public relations blitz" Bush should bring Iraq's factions together for a summit to avoid a slide into civil war.
I mean seriously. Enough with the smooth talkin'. We already know Dubya's full of it because he made no mention in this speech about any timetables for bringing the troops home.

Alas, I'm also afraid that this series of speeches is meant to further build a case for messing up Iran, too:

Bush said Iran had been responsible for some of the increasing lethality of attacks in Iraq.

"Such actions along with Iran's support for terrorism and its pursuit of nuclear weapons are increasingly isolating Iran," he said. Iran has denied meddling in Iraq and says its nuclear program is strictly for civilian purposes.

U.S. officials have previously accused predominantly Shi'ite Iran of giving training and weapons to Shi'ite militias operating in Iraq -- charges rejected by Iran's leaders.

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