Dec 20, 2005

The Start of the Breakdown?

Congressman John Conyers, Jr. introduced legislation that will "censure President Bush and Vice President Cheney and create a select committee to investigate the Administration's possible crimes and make recommendations regarding grounds for impeachment."

If you'd like to view the PDFs of the proposed pieces of House legislation, you can find them here, along with a copy of Conyers' press release.

This abuse of power by the Bush Administration must be stopped, and a formal censure is a step in the right direction. Clinton got impeached for much, much, less. Our civil rights as Americans, the future of our country and its reputation abroad, is at stake here.

The Progressive Democrats of America provide a link in which you can write to your Congressperson, urging him or her to support Conyers and his all-too-important efforts to censure the megalomaniacs in the White House.

Meanwhile, the WaPo reports Bush's approval rating has "surged" to 47%, in the wake of his non-stop speech giving and by giving the impression that he is holding himself accountable for what goes on in Iraq. WTF is up with people?


Marie Antoinette said...

I think that poll was taken before the story about the NSA spying on us really broke.

Snave said...

I think the best way to get impeachment proceedings going is for Democrats to win a whole bunch of seats in the House next November. If we somehow get a majority, how soon do you think it would be before the impeachment ball got rolling?

Gothamimage said...

The NSA story will not be as damaging poll-wise as many Dems hope. There has been a decline in the polity - many people are unaware that is wrong.

Impeachment is purely political - if the Dems win the house, then ther be impeachment, otherwise not.