Dec 13, 2005

Oh, okay. NOW I get it.

See here, now this is how you're supposed to honor the troops.

Put them in the belly of commercial airplanes so that they can fly along with the citizens they gave their lives to protect. Except, like, with our luggage and stuff.

Crystal clear now. Thanks. I've seen the light.

Thanks to Paul the Spud over at Shakespeare's Sister for the link.

(Photo credit: ABC Denver)


Genius McGeniusheimer said...

In case you havent noticed, our country is a bit strapped for governmental cheddar. If these guys are brave enough to get shot at, then I dont think they'd trip about chilling with luggage. Think of all the free stuff they can steal from the luggage on their trip! Panties, Bras, bic razors, and all the cologne they can drink. (I got hammered on Channel #5 in 1988)

I am a military optimist.

You are a communist.

p.s. fuck bush

e. said...

this is suck fucking bullshit. not surprising, but total bullshit nonetheless.

But then again, whadya' expect from BushCo. and their "out of sight, out of mind" dealing with those they're sending to potential death.


sickening, gross, and, for the jaded brain in me, not all that surprising...