Dec 22, 2005

The Project Runway After Party

During my brief tenure here in the blogosphere, I’ve noticed that many bloggers like to have regular features. We got the Friday cat blogging. Techie Tuesday (well, sometimes). Vacation blogging. Assclown(s) of the Week. Florida: Pride of the Nation. You get the idea.

So, I feel compelled to start a regular, weekly feature on something that stirs my passions, my emotions, my appreciation for art and the creation of beautiful clothing.

That “thing” is the Bravo reality series, Project Runway. And to those who have been regular readers since back in the day, you know that I love this show to pieces.

Every Thursday, I’ll be discussing the previous night’s episode and providing commentary. I will be discussing winners and losers, so those of you who rely on watching the reruns, watch out.

I know I should have started from the season premiere, but fuck it. Let’s do this.

Episode 4: Team Lingerie

In this episode, each designer had to come up with a lingerie concept and present their vision to Heidi. Four designers who had the best proposals became team leads and got to pick two of the remaining designers and work as a team to bring this creation to life.

Santino’s kiss-assy homage to lederhosen and Heidi Klum came off as “costumy” and just overdone. I mean, there were some pieces that I thought were sort of cute, but I’d never wear it. But then again, I don’t see the point in lingerie. (That’s a whole other conversation.)

Diana’s collection, “Goddess,” was pretty hot. Black strips of fabric wrapped around the body like bandages, while soft, billowy pieces of chiffon swathed the body. Nice juxtaposition. Not very practical, but then again, totally hot. I found it kind of funny that the raciest collection came from a 22-year-old girl who looks totally innocent and almost – to channel Santino, but not his bitchiness – virginal. Which further proves my point that it’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for.

Daniel Vosovic’s collection, “Revenge,” was pretty clever, putting an ultra-feminine touch to menswear-inspired lingerie. His whole idea was the ex-girlfriend raiding her boyfriend’s closet and reworking the clothes to suit her own sexy tastes. There’s no question why he won – all of his pieces were very beautiful and realistic, and could actually be worn under your clothes.

Daniel “Deadline? What Deadline?” Franco stole the show with his exasperating I’m-an-artist-and-I’m-being-difficult-for-the-sake-of-being-faux-brilliant behavior that really got my heart racing. Homegirls Chloe and Kara tried their best to keep him in check, but in the end, all of his pieces ended up looking the same. Frumpy and not sexy by any means. He would have done better to design a nice black lace bra and panty set to go along with the rest of the collection. In his desire to construct lingerie to inspire baby makin’ Franco tried to channel Barry White. Instead, the power of Betty White compelled him. Needless to say, Franco got the boot, and quite frankly, good riddens. You can’t even just get a normal, human response from this guy – everything that comes out of his mouth just has to be flowery and complicated and overdone – just like his clothing.

Don’t get me wrong – I so wanted to love Daniel Franco. I wanted him to have a triumphant comeback this season, but he’s got to learn how to let go.

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Scaramouche said...

Thaks to popular demand (you to be exact), I'll bring back the TECHIE TUESDAY series. Kind of late for the Koufax best series award, but notheless...

I look foward to your weekly input.