Jun 28, 2005

Why I love Zeitgeist.

  1. We found rock star parking, quickstyle at this bar.
  2. Cute bike messenger guys.
  3. Informal as all hell.
  4. No yuppies.
  5. $2.50 Pabst.
  6. Bartenders with delicious attitude.
  7. Kickass jukebox.
  8. Clean bathrooms (at least, during happy hour).
  9. Tamale Lady.
  10. The "BBQ-at-a-friend's-backyard" atmosphere.
  11. $2.50 Pabst.
  12. The woman passing out beads with fuschia hair.
  13. All the interesting crap they have on the walls, especially the "Wet Pain" sign behind the bar.
  14. Hanging bike rack in the back.
  15. Live mariachi.
  16. That girl who gave me a free cigarette, even if I told her I'd give her a quarter for it.

To quote Drew @ Scamboogah/SFist: Liver ... out!


Angie said...

I'm glad I dragged you out. :)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I wonder if a guy could get a Pabst there....

e. said...

god i miss that bar. As a former SF bike messenger, that was stop #2 on my weekly Friday night post-riding-like-a-muthafuckah-through-asshole-yuppies-in-traffic-for-five-days pilgrimage. *sigh*

Although, I should add that here in Philly, a Pabst at B&B's will knock you back $2... add a shot of Jim Beam and it's $3. Plus, I got my SF bike boy right here now, so it's alll goooooooood... Though I DO promise to visit and drag you there, Mags!

Mags said...

Oh I know, Erica - I thought of you the entire time! You were there with me in spirit, as I double-fisted and pounded the PBR.