Jun 26, 2005

Real men of genius

I love these Bud Light "Real Men of Genius" radio spots. Just thought I'd share. They crack my shit up.

Did everyone have a nice weekend?


Kabooke Quantum Fighter said...

doode...ou est tu?! long time. hows it been. ive been away from blogging lately cause i havent had time...hope all is well, holla back sometime;


Drew said...

Is Budweiser giving you free beer to pimp their product? Cause if they are, I want in!

Oh by the way, you been tagged. Kind of like a chain letter. Fill it out and post it if you want, but be warned, I heard the last person to ignore it lived a completely normal life for 80 years, so BEWARE.

ADAMANT said...

I love those ads. I'm just waiting for a quiet moment here in the office to scan the ones I haven't heard before.
Thanks Mags!