Jun 24, 2005

Apologize or resign

So on the Today show this morning, Dan Barlett (at least I think it was him - it wasn't McClellan) said that what Doughboy (my new nickname for Karl Rove) meant about his comment regarding liberals and 9/11 was that he was targeting liberal extremist groups like MoveOn.org.

Bullshit. Just utter bullshit. I can't even believe he can say this with a straight face on TV and not want to shoot himself for selling out to the Devil incarnate and the Architect. I swear to Jah, I can't stand Rove's fat, pasty, no chin having, permasmirk face for much longer. I mean, if we're going to blame anyone for Dubya being in office today, it's Rove. He knows how to push narrow-minded, ultraconservative people's buttons and get them mobilized. But listen here, Doughboy: By doing that, the Republican party becomes forever inextricably linked to these crazy radical rightists, making you, Doughboy, and everyone else you work with, their bitches.

Unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

And a word of advice to the Democrats out there: Don't be comparing shit to Hitler anymore, okay? It just makes you look insane and adds fuel to the fire, mmmkay? They're not smart enough to make the connection with that analogy, and they're just going to lash out at you like a baby who just got his pacifier yanked out of his mouth.


Brother Kenya said...

Good stuff, mags. And boy, do I agree with you on the Hitler front. It might be an easy comparison to make, but it's hapless. Howz about Vlad the Impaler from now on?

jurassicpork said...

Mags: If you like to stay on top of what the honest media's skewering Repugs instead of skewing the news, here's another site you can go to:

Thanks again for your kind words about my own Karl Rove posting.

Gothamimage said...

The Hitler comparisons (Reducto Ad Hitlarum) are very stupid and are indicative a of an opposition that still does not have it's game face on.

The GOP is much better at this stuff because they have a shared reactionary understanding to much of the liberal agenda for the last few decades-

Democrats should have handled the Rove remarks differently- they should have quickly dispensed with the insults to liberals by noting Rove's hostility to such a large percentage of his nation is very odd for a so-called patriot (if you take what Rove said at face value - he was saying his opponents are wicked and akin to traitors)

But they should have focused on the more bizarre part- afterall- it's no surprise that Rove does not like liberals- nor does the group he was talking to.

What was a surprise was his claim to be warrior. This was the opening the Dems missed - the GOP, rightfully so , is very insecure about the c-hawk factor.

In their hearts they know what they were all doing when they were of military age and they know that they would never do what Kerry, Lautenberg, Harking, etc , etc, etc
would do

Everyone knows that they are fearful men- so why let a his bravado go unmocked?

"YOU were preparing for war? Ha! HA! HA! Karl Rove was preparing for war?????!!!hahahahhahahha!"

That's how they should have replied.