Aug 6, 2007

Oh, to be a woman.

Cholesterol be damned, I'm craving me some buffalo wings. Like, right now.

Problem: I don't know of any places around me.

So if you live in the Bay Area, are a buffalo wing lover with a discriminating palate (e.g. if your suggestion is to try "Hooters," then don't bother leaving me a comment), and you are familiar with the East Bay, help a sister out.


Drew said...

I know your plight. Most wings I've had in the entire bay area rank near the bottom, usually overcooked to the point of burning the bones.

Even though it's a chain, Wingstop (one location near the In n' Out on Helgenberger and another near the Target in BayFair in San Leandro) is pretty good. The atomic wings are no joke.

Not as good as you'll find on the east coast (Wendell's in Norton, MA is the best I've ever had), but a good enough substitute.

Good luck, and make sure and post if you find a good one.

a. said...

Did you Yelp? Yelp can do better than my limited Bay Area wings experience:
But I note that you are not the only one with such cravings
( and that many have serious complaints about wings in the Bay... Go figure.

Aa and I will be happy to regale you, at some less-desperate time, with old-days stories of too-many-hours spent at the Anchor Bar, where these goodies originated.

I'm usually looking for fried chicken, myself. Good luck!

Hal said...

The wings at Barklays on College are pretty good, though I think the portion is a little skimpy for the price. The beer is good there, too.

I know I've had some good ones somewhere else in the EB, but I can't think of it right now. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

GURL! heheh so funny you wanting buffalo wings AND that the comments say everyone on west coast complains that there aren't any good places. I think the whole of the Eastern seaboard is born and raised on buffalo chicken wings and pizza. FOR REALS!! I hope you find a place! But seriously..........Hooters does rule, at least in New England. We were VERY dismayed that 8 Hooter restaurants were closed recently here in NE. I feel your pain. I hope you feel mine as I try in vain to find good chinese food here in NE. -Isabel

pins&needles said...

Okay, I don't live on the west coast, but hopefully my opinion is helpful. I love Wingstop and I crave them from time to time. I don't give a shit about Hooters.

Mags said...

Drew: This shall be my quest. I'll share my findings with you, for sure. If I'm thinking of the same place, Wing Stop is OK, but their fries are sweet, like they sprinkle salt and sugar on them. Now, that flavor is fine ... on kettle corn. Not on my fries, dammit.

A: All that time I spent in Syracuse, and I never went to the Anchor Bar. Dammit. Oh yeah, and P.S., I'm now on Yelp, because of you. :-D

Hal: Thanks for the tip - I'll add that to my list of places to check out!

Isabel (aka "anonymous no longer"): I also dare you to find a decent burrito in Boston!

P & N: Thanks for the tip on Wingstop, although their fries freak me out with their salty sweetness!