Aug 26, 2007

For all you U.S. Americans

Miss Teen South Carolina offers up a cautionary tale regarding the reasons behind our nation's crumbling public school system:

(Props to BYO.)


willis said...

Doesn't she write speaches for Bush? I thought I recognized the cunning logic so typical of our commander and chief.

pins&needles said...

The poor girl. She said one stupid thing and everyone is making fun of her for it. Though I tried to believe that she was really nervous, but when I thought about it, I'm not sure if she knows how to talk and think at the same time after giving that answer. In addition, she probably grew up going through several pageants and being a pro at it. So, I've concluded that she's a good example of the lack of education in America, along with the percentage of people who can't find the US on a map.

Mags said...

You know what? I felt a little bad for posting this, actually. She is a teenager, and thought that perhaps she was nervous and got tongue tied. And then the next morning after posting this, I saw her on the Today show and then read an article where she re-answered the question on somebody else's show.

She has some good PR folks behind her managing her damage control.

Plus, she'll breeze through life because she's beautiful.

She'll come out of this just fine.

Someone buy this girl a map for Xmas, though. Seriously.