Aug 13, 2007


We truly live in interesting times, my friends.

A TV show inspired by a series of commercials?

Apparently the folks at ABC love the Geico "It's so easy a caveman can do it" series of ads that they built a "high-profile sitcom" around it.

Geico says they have no control over the show's content, but I don't see them complaining about what is essentially a 30-minute ad for their insurance. Nor do other insurers like Aflac, State Farm, et al, who aren't exactly rushing to buy ad time.

Aaah, the power of the brand.

My expectation about "Cavemen" is that, like everything else, the network will manage to screw it up somehow and rob the cavemen of all of the existential irony that makes those ads so funny.

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fashiongirl said...

Well you know Mags this is the network that brought us all of those sitcoms starring fat, slothenly guys and their smoking hot wives. So I have high hopes.